Theaters rely on the generosity and help of many people from the community. Volunteers handle creative and administrative duties such as creating sets, operation of sound and lighting, actors, and office staff. 
This link will provide information and registration to become a Video Volunteer Associate for local live theaters. Here there is access to "Video Clip" training components. Several clips will be available to help maintain the high quality of published video on the Theaterama site. Training clips offered will include topics that cover proper use of camera, framing, lighting, audio, editing, "B" roll, effects, how to shoot interviews, how to shoot theatrical play clips (etc.)  This area of the site will also promote and encourage theater videography associates with special information, advertising, user-provided how-to and comment clips, and co-sponsored competitions and awards.

 Video Instruction
Shot Composition Part 1  _________________________  Interview Composition From the rule of thirds, to leaving a bit of headroom, to alternating sides for each shot. Interview composition can be a bit tricky. Especially, when shooting with your iPhone. 
____________________________________________________________ The Slanted Lens! 
J.P. Morgan's excellent Video and Photography training series.

Filming with a Smart Phone Camera

Watch a short video tutorial from filmmaker Chris Jupe on how to interview using your smartphone.  

____________________________________________________________  Tips & Tricks
Here are 5 simple tips and tricks for beginners help you step up your video production game! Doesn't matter if you shoot on a DSLR, Point and shoot or Smartphone.
____________________________________________________________ 2 Camera Interviews
Today we will show you how to shoot a simple 2 camera profile interview with a talent on location. We will discuss the position of the cameras and lights, choosing the location, shooting B-roll and creating an outline and questions for the interview.  It's very possible to shoot these alone.
Setup and Shoot Interviews with LED Lights 
This short video is a preview of Vortex Media's new 90-minute instructional video that teaches how to light news-magazine style interviews using only LED lights.
Audio For Video Interviews  In this microphone reviews edition we will take a closer look at FOUR of the most common microphone options you can use to record the audio in your videos. You'll hear the pro's and con's and my personal recommendations!
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