Theaterama (tm), an entertaining, informative Internet Television website, presents VIDEO content that promotes America's talented and diverse Live Theater communities. These theatrical video programs and clips give a broad sense of the plays, actors, writers, directors, producers, creative craft and musical talents of the Live Theater world. Theaterama.com presents clips of performances, interviews with show people, reviews and analysis and exit interviews with patrons. We are creating and acquiring original web series, full play productions, feature films and documentaries all based on theater. A great resource for schools and colleges, and wonderful free entertainment for theater enthusiasts, Theaterama is FREE for all viewers!        


Americans share a diverse culture that is reflected in our huge Theater Arts presence. Along with great theater entertainment programs and clips, Theaterama will be the one online destination the audience needs to seek current live performances, showtimes and ticket information in their zip code, or through-out the theater world. Site visitors will find videos with actors, directors, writers, producers, and other creatives who invent this magical world of live theater. Clips of live performances give viewers a taste of the entertainment offered. Site visitors can search the site by an criteria such as: by city, by Name of Show, by Cast and Crew names.  Accepting our free subscription offer enables viewers  to be eligible for weekly drawings to win theater tickets, gifts, and deep discounts to events. Being a FREE subscriber also makes it possible for viewers to watch plays and other live streaming theatrical events produced exclusively for Theaterama.com.


The key to Theaterama.com is Video.   Internet video is arguably the greatest new marketing tool available. We now have the ability to inexpensively bring viewers inside our productions with behind-the-scenes interviews, clips of performances and viewer reactions. Theaterama will be a new source of recognition for your productions and audience cultivation. Theaterama will link our viewers to your preferred ticketing component. The site will be promoted as a one-stop destination for consumers who seek out live theater entertainment and information.  Visitors who opt-in to our free subscription will get regular updates on all openings and opportunities in the Theater Arts scene in their geographic region and beyond. Subscribers will also be treated to free Hi-Def Internet Streaming performances of special theatrical events that we hope you will participate in.  If you are using video on your website we need your video! Posting your video to our site is simple and will ensure that your production is being exposed to thousands upon thousands of theater enthusiasts. If you are not yet using video, we will help with our Video Volunteer program. AND, Theaterama listings and video uploads are FREE for all theaters. STAY TUNED! More News To Come!
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Theaterama is not just a website - this is a TV channel dedicated to Live Theater enthusiasts everywhere. We are creating alliances with OTT program providers such as ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon FIre/Prime, Sling TV, Pluto.TV - and many more so that our 24/7 streaming channel is accessible on millions of television sets, mobile screens, and computers around the world. The site offers it’s programming as free on-demand searchable content as well.  Theaterama has the potential to reach millions of views per day. Advertising opportunities range from full branded sponsorship of the channel, to in-stream spots, and display ads. 

Key profile features of  live theater patrons: They are upscale, above average intellect, higher income, college educated lifestyle consumers who are mobile and spend freely for entertainment and creature comforts. A recent study released by The National Endowment for the Arts shows that although more Americans regularly go to the movies, they are willing to spend more money on performing arts. According to the study, performing arts events generate billions in revenue, falling in between sports events and movies as a measure of their massive popularity and economic value. Last year Americans spent over $14.5 billion on tickets for the performing arts. As a comparison, that's $4 billion more than they spent on movie tickets. More people are attending movies but they are willing to pay more for theater, concerts and other live performances. The study indicates theaters and concerts draw about 1.5 million attendees every day, and that number grows each year. What a great platform for advertising in the many forms that we will offer such as in-stream spot advertising, lower-third pop-up, overlay and banner ads. 




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